Day Care Flooring

SoftTiles Day Care Flooring

SoftTiles interlocking foam floor mats are ideal for children's classrooms, day cares, and child care playrooms. The foam tiles are non-toxic, durable, and easy to clean, much more forgiving than carpet with spills and other accidents. Perfect for early-childhood environments. The SoftTiles foam mats also function well as a flooring solution where carpet allergies are an issue, providing an attractive alternative to flooring with carpet fibers that can trap dust mites. SoftTiles foam mats are quick and easy to put together and can be used to create a mat to fit any size space.

They are also great as flooring for "temporary classroom" set-ups, for example toddler/ children's music workshops that meet once a week, where you want a comfortable floor to sit on, but can't leave it assembled the entire time. Assembly/ disassembly of these lightweight mats is quick and easy, and we have a portable carrying bag available so the mats can be easily moved and stored. Mats can be used individually if you want to spread children out so each child has his own mat, or interconnected into a large mat area for a group.

The bright colors of the foam mats help create a fun learning environment that is perfect for kids. Words or children's names can be added to the mat to add to the mat's appeal. All alphabet mats come in a mixed assortment of colors (you can't choose the colors, but we will make an attractive mix). The 1x1 alphabet letter mats can be used with both our 1x1 and 2x2 mats.

Our foam mat borders are useful when creating a mat that will be used in children's play areas, as they provide a smooth transition between the floor and the mat itself, which is 5/8" thick. With kids running around, this bordered transition will help prevent them from tripping.

Design your Day Care/Child Care playrooms with these SoftTiles Interlocking Foam Mats

SoftTiles Foam Mats 5/8" SoftTiles Alphabet Foam Mats SoftTiles Decorative Mats SoftTiles 2x2 Wood Foam Mats

SoftTiles 5/8 Inch

Our most versatile and
popular mat. Available in 1 foot and 2 foot sizes.

SoftTiles 2x2 $5.80/Mat
SoftTiles 1x1 $1.45/Mat

SoftTiles Alphabet Mats

Order an Alphabet set or buy single letters to spell your child's name! Numbers available too.

Alpha Letters $2.50/Mat

SoftTiles Decorative Mats

Flower Mats sets in
Lime, Pink, and White
Brown, Pink, and White

Flower Mats $48
Set of 6 Mats

SoftTiles Wood Foam

Have the cushioning of foam mats, but the look of wood!

Wood Mats $9.00/Mat

Buy SoftTiles Interlocking Foam Mats Buy SoftTiles Alphabet Mats Buy SoftTiles Decorative Foam Mats Buy SoftTiles Wood Foam Mats
SoftTiles Circle mats SoftTiles Dinosaur Foam Mats SoftTiles Safari Animals Foam Mat SoftTiles Squares Mats

SoftTiles Circle Mats

Circle Mats add a designer touch to playrooms. Avaliable in 4 different color sets.

Circle Mat Sets starting at $48.00

SoftTiles Dinosaur Mats New!

Fun Die-cut 2x2 Dinosaur mats will send your playroom back to the Jurassic Age!

Dinosaur Mat Sets are $64.00/Set.

SoftTiles Safari Animals

Cute Lions, Elephants, Giraffes, and Monkeys in your playroom floor! Choose our set or create your own! Buy our set or customize your own!

Safari Animals Mat Sets start at $64.00/Set

SoftTiles Square Mats

Create modern designs in your playroom floor using the die-cut square mats. Available as custom orders

Die-Cut Square Mats are $9.00/Tile

Buy SoftTiles Interlocking Foam Mats Buy SoftTiles Interlocking Foam Mats Buy SoftTiles Interlocking Foam Mats Buy SoftTiles Square Mats