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SoftTiles for Playrooms

Are you looking for fun and safe kids play mats? Whether you have a baby crawling on the ground, a toddler learning to walk, or an older child who needs a kids' play area, SoftTiles Interlocking Foam Play Mats are perfect to transform any children's playroom floor into a fun, colorful, and safe playroom. SoftTiles are specially designed floor mats for kids with safety in mind. Our foam mats are thicker, more cushioned, and softer than a kids play rug. SoftTiles have specially made sloped border pieces to help prevent children from tripping. SoftTiles make the perfect children's soft flooring! We specialize in selling you the exact number, colors, and styles of foam mats so you can create a designer kids playroom floor that matches your vision.


Soft- Kids floor mats provides a soft surface for babies to crawl on and a cushioned surface for older kids to jump around on.
• Versatile- Use directly on hardwood floors, concrete, or low pile carpet. Cover a whole children's playroom floor or create a smaller kids' foam play mat.
• Waterproof- Easy to Clean.  Spills by kids aren't absorbed by the floor mats and can be wiped right off.
• Non-toxic- BPA, Phthalate, Latex free.  Tested 1/21/11 to be Formamide free.  No fire retardants.
• Highest Quality
- Durable foam play mats made in Taiwan, not the cheap flimsy mats from China that you see in the big box stores.
• Easy to Install- Do it yourself- create large playroom floors or small play mats for kids.


We know that creating the perfect playroom floor can sometimes be difficult, so we can help you design your playroom or playmat. Please call us at 888-477-6532 or 513-860-2711 or email us for more information.


Chiildren's Playroom Flooring Ideas

Playroom using SoftTiles Orange and White Foam Mats
Playroom with Lime, Purple, and Pink SoftTiles Foam Mats
SoftTiles Safari Room Ideas

Designer Playroom with Orange
and White SoftTiles Foam Mats

Simple and beautiful playroom floor using Lime, Purple, and Pink SoftTiles
SoftTiles Safari Animals Playroom Ideas
SoftTiles Alphabet foam mats
SoftTiles Foam Play Mats for Small Spaces
Playroom Basement Makeover using SoftTiles 2x2 Foam Mats

Playroom with custom names using
SoftTiles Alphabet Foam Tiles

Foam Play Mats for Small Spaces
Basement Playroom Flooring
SoftTiles for Nurseries/Baby Rooms
SoftTiles Rainbow Playroom
Colorful Playroom using SoftTiles Foam Mats

SoftTiles for Nurseries/Baby Playrooms

Rainbow Playroom
Colorful playroom

Design your children's playroom floor using these SoftTiles Interlocking Foam Mats

SoftTiles Foam Mats 5/8" SoftTiles Alphabet Foam Mats SoftTiles Decorative Mats SoftTiles 2x2 Wood Foam Mats

SoftTiles 5/8 Inch

Our most versatile and
popular mat. Available in 1 foot and 2 foot sizes.

SoftTiles 2x2 $5.80/Mat
SoftTiles 1x1 $1.45/Mat

SoftTiles Alphabet Mats

Order an Alphabet set or buy single letters to spell your child's name! Numbers available too.

Alpha Letters $2.50/Mat

SoftTiles Decorative Mats

Flower Mats sets in
Lime, Pink, and White
Brown, Pink, and White

Flower Mats $48
Set of 6 Mats

SoftTiles Wood Foam

Have the cushioning of foam mats, but the look of wood!

Wood Mats $9.00/Mat

Buy SoftTiles Interlocking Foam Mats Buy SoftTiles Alphabet Mats Buy SoftTiles Decorative Foam Mats Buy SoftTiles Wood Foam Mats
SoftTiles Circle mats SoftTiles Dinosaur Foam Mats SoftTiles Safari Animals Foam Mat SoftTiles Squares Mats

SoftTiles Circle Mats

Circle Mats add a designer touch to playrooms. Avaliable in 4 different color sets.

Circle Mat Sets starting at $48.00

SoftTiles Dinosaur Mats

Fun Die-cut 2x2 Dinosaur mats will send your playroom back to the Jurassic Age!

Dinosaur Mat Sets are $64.00/Set.

SoftTiles Safari Animals

Cute Lions, Elephants, Giraffes, and Monkeys in your playroom floor! Choose our set or create your own! Buy our set or customize your own!

Safari Animals Mat Sets start at $64.00/Set

SoftTiles Square Mats

Create modern designs in your playroom floor using the die-cut square mats. Available as custom orders

Die-Cut Square Mats are $9.00/Tile

Buy SoftTiles Interlocking Foam Mats Buy SoftTiles Interlocking Foam Mats Buy SoftTiles Interlocking Foam Mats Buy SoftTiles Square Mats
SoftTiles Butterfly Foam Mats Icon

SoftTiles Butterfly Mats New!

Let Butterflies flutter on to your playroom floor! Choose from our sets or make your own!

Butterfly Mat Sets start at $64.00/Set



Buy SoftTiles Interlocking Foam Mats