Designer Playroom Floor using Orange and White SoftTiles Interlocking Foam Mats- D101

February 27, 2015 12:42 / 0 comments

Children’s playrooms or interlocking foam floor mats don’t have to be limited to the typical children’s primary colors like red, blue, green, and yellow. This inviting kids' playroom is created using our orange and white interlocking foam floor mats, which work wonderfully with the light blue walls and coordinate with the fun accent décor. SoftTiles foam mats for kids help tie together this playroom's decor and at the same time creates a comfortable childrens play space.

Think of the floor as an essential part of your room’s design right from the beginning, and you can see how the foam mat for kids adds pop to the entire feel of a room.

SoftTiles Playroom Floor using Orange and White SoftTiles Interlocking Play Mats using Orange and White SoftTiles

Re-create this playroom floor!

Covers a 14 1/2' x 14 1/2' area with borders.

25 Orange SoftTiles 2x2 Foam Mats
24 White SoftTiles 2x2 Foam Mats
48 Side Borders in Brown, 4 Pairs of Corner Borders in Brown.

Price: $383.60 + shipping

If you need help customizing this floor for your space, please email us or call us at 888-477-6532 or 513-860-2711.


Corporate Projects

We have the ability to print, water-jet or die-cut mats to create customized flooring.

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