Small Mat for Small Spaces | SoftTiles Black and White Foam Mats just the right size- D104

February 27, 2015 13:02 / 0 comments

SoftTiles Foam Mats in Children's playroom

If you have small apartment or a small space, there's still enough room to create a fun foam floor play mat.  This play mat uses 6 of the SoftTiles 2x2 Interlocking Foam Mats to create a 4 foot by 6 foot play area with borders.  Mats can be picked up and stored in a few minutes.  For smaller or odd sized spaces, SoftTiles 1x1 Foam Mats can be used.  Also, since this is a modular system, you can always add more mats to create a larger area, should your needs or available space change. Unlike a rug, you're not locked in to a set size for a kids foam floor mat.

Re-create this playroom floor!

Covers an 4 1/2' x 6 1/2' area with borders.

3 White SoftTiles 2x2 Foam Mats
3 Black SoftTiles 2x2 Foam Mats
6 Black Side Borders
6 White Side Borders
2 Pairs of Black Corners
2 Pairs of White Corners

Price: $63.40 + shipping

This design can also be replicated using SoftTiles 1x1 Foam Mats to make a smaller checkerboard pattern.

If you need help customizing this floor for your space, please email us or call us at 888-477-6532 or 513-860-2711.


Corporate Projects

We have the ability to print, water-jet or die-cut mats to create customized flooring.

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