SoftTiles Safari Animals Black and White Children's Playroom Floor- D140

March 12, 2015 15:23 / 0 comments

Black and White SoftTiles Safari Animals roam this kids playroom floor. Black, Gray, and White tiles are great for children's playroom flooring because they provide a nice contrast to all the brightly colored play sets and toys. SoftTiles are cushioned mats that will make your playroom a comfortable and safe play area.

This playroom has SoftTiles covering the floor wall to wall. These SoftTiles animal play mats can be easily cut with a utility knife to fit your playroom or basement floor.

"The new foam flooring with the Die-Cut Safari Animals is a hit. Our two grandkids, ages 18 and 30 months, just stopped and stared at the animals when they first saw them. It was worth the effort to add the animals to the floor design. It is also a great feeling to know when they take a minor tumble, they don't hurt themselves"- Bruce

SoftTiles Safari Animals Playroom in Black and White SoftTiles Safari Animals Foam Mats in Black and White SoftTiles Safari Animals Playroom using Black and White Play Mats SoftTiles Black and White Safari Animals Playroom

Here are a few pictures with play sets, toys, and kids!

SoftTiles Safari Animals Playroom in Black and White SoftTiles Safari Animals Play Mats for Kids in Black and White

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We have the ability to print, water-jet or die-cut mats to create customized flooring.

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